Hidden Story

Worth Living Ambassador Norah Quirk

Hi, my name is Norah Quirk. I’m 23 in my second year at St. Francis Xavier University, I am majoring in Development Studies and Anthropology

Caution: Norah mentions suicide

Hidden Story

I for a long time struggled with anxiety, depression, and PTSD, and an eating disorder that I am finally coming to terms with and have finally turned things around with my life.

Growing up I was I guess you can say I was shy, I had a few friends but I could never tell them about the problems I was facing with at home. My parents were both teachers but they never were fully employed. So the were more like Substitute teachers, and once I got a job I was able to help out with money in the house. Growing up there was a big push I guess you could say on being well rounded in my house. I was involved with choir, soccer, basketball, track, curling, tennis, cross country, you name it I normally was involved with it one point. I did enjoy these activities but once I got into high school it was more of a way to not be stuck in the house.

My parents never let me hang out with my friends and after a while, my friends just stopped asking altogether because they knew no matter how much I wanted to that my parents would just say no. There are other things that happened that I am still not ready to openly talk about quite yet.

I loved school, it was my escape from reality. When I was in school I could just throw all my attention into school. Whatever happened the night before or whatever happened within the morning, it could all be pushed to the back of my mind and put all my focus on the school work.

During a summer evening in high school, I was going for a run just like any other night. Iit was a trail that I had been on 100 times before but that night was not like the rest. That night I was jumped and raped, I never told anyone for years. I still have my bad days, there are times when I’m in the shower and have to sit down in the tub with my arms wrapped around my knees.  I would just let the water run till my body would go numb.

I tried many things too but nothing seemed to work. I attempted suicide which now looking back, I am so grateful that it was not a success. I am still struggling but I know that I am at a better place where I don’t hate myself as much as I did at one point. I still have a long way to go but I now know that my life is worth living.

No one ever asks for what we are given in life but what we can do is try and live it to our best.

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