About Us

Firm Overview

In the fall of 2015, Keith Anderson launched Worth Living Mental Health Consulting as a way to capture all of his work in the previous number of  years under one brand. Keith is a lawyer who had depression. 

Worth Living has been very active on social media. It unitally offered a blog where people from around the world shared their journeys with mental challenges. Podcasts were then added, with the able assistance of Cat Davis. 

Keith continued to speak at national and international mental health conferences, legal conferences, and universities.

This all led to Worth Living planning and hosting its own conference in May, 2019. It was so well received that additional conferences were planned for 2020, which were canceled due to covid.

The book, Life Worth Living: A Mental Health Anthology, was published in July, 2021. Keith was joined by 11 other authours, who shared their journeys. It was a very diverse group, with writers from Canada, the USA, and Nigeria. 

Worth Living is expanding its services and space to other areas of the country, providing consulting services, strategies, implementation, and follow up for industries, associations and organizations needing to provide further assistance to those with mental health and addiction challenges.

Worth Living also offers merchandise with the thinking behind it is to foster the sense of a team, a collective group, to allow people to feel that they are not alone. We are all on this path together. 

Newly expanded services will include a holistic approach to wellness. Worth Living Well, will provide yoga, meditation, mindfulness, retreats and other personal self care services that are preventive and supportive of healing and recovery. 

Worth Living Well was a previously well established yoga studio based in Toronto. It has been in business since 2015 and successfully pivoted online during the pandemic. The opportunity for Liz McGregor, the owner, to expand her options to help those with mental health challenges and addictions was a much desired step forward for her and the services she currently offers.

The newly expanded Worth Living Mental Health will be providing more and increased services to individuals and companies requiring support in the mental health and addiction fields. 



Keith Anderson and any and all employees, agents, or volunteers of  Worth Living are not mental health care professionals, doctors, psychologists, or therapists. They share their lived experience and knowledge. For further assistance, please contact your mental health care professional or your local hospital.