Katie Campeau & Kayla Lacey

My name is Katie Campeau and I’m in my fourth year at Acadia University. I’m a mental health advocate and I’ve been living with OCD, GAD, and depression for some time now. I’m very passionate about writing and learning, so I’ve taken it upon myself to write about mental health as much as possible and learn more about it through my background in Sociology. I feel so fortunate to be a brand ambassador and social media/designer for Worth Living. WL has provided me with the opportunity to share my stories and other discussions surrounding mental health, and it has encouraged me to use all my creativity towards a positive outlet. If that wasn’t enough, I get to work on WL’s Tumblr (worthlivingka) and collaborate on other WL endeavours with my best friend, Kayla Lacey.

My name is Kayla Lacey. I study philosophy at Acadia University. I’m entering my fourth year along with Katie Campeau who is my best friend and Worth Living co-collaborator. I live with a panic disorder and anorexia, it’s something that I manage and struggle with. But the struggle inspired me to help others like me or who struggle with mental illness know that they aren’t alone. As a proud and open gay woman, I know that knowing that there are people out there like you, and who support you is important, which is why Worth Living is so great. I’m so excited to be an Ambassador for Worth Living and continue to bring support and awareness to mental illness