Worth Living Conference



Join us in beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia, on May 31, 2019, for a day full of hope, healing, health, and happiness. The speakers will inspire all of us. You will be part of the conversation on mental health awareness.


Indigenous Smudge Ceremony – Thomas Christmas  to start the day

Keynote Speaker – Keith Anderson, LL.B., LL.M., Founder of Worth Living 

Keith is a lawyer who had depression. He first went public with his depression 11 years ago with an article in the National Post newspaper, called How I Returned to a Life Worth Living. Since then, Keith has spoken at national mental health conferences, legal conferences, universities, and fundraisers. He has also served on numerous Boards of Directors and Committees for mental health groups. His articles have appeared in publications of the Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society, the Canadian Bar Association, and the American Bar Association A few years ago, he put all his work under the brand Worth Living Mental Health Consulting.

Keith will present on his years living in the darkness of depression and how he now celebrates life. There will be Q/A Session following his presentation.

Guest Speakers

Ashley Quackenbush – DJ, WE Volunteer, Jack.org Speaker, and  WL Manitoulin Island Lead

Amy Leon – Paralegal, WL Run Ambassadors Co-lead, and Blogger

Kim LaMontagne, MBA –  Mental Health Advocate, NAMI Speaker and Teacher, and WL New England Lead

Ben Meisner – Pro Hockey Player and Mental Health Advocate

Shannon LeLievre – Co-lead WL Run Ambassadors  and WL Director of Events

Panel Discussion –  Dawn Marie Bornheimer, Moderator, Hon. Andrew Younger, Robin Campbell, Panelists

Wellness Room  sponsored by True North Psychological Services.


Note: The list of speakers may change. The Conference has a no refund policy




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