Worth Living Conference



Join us in beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia, on May 31, 2019, for a day full of hope, healing, health, and happiness. The speakers will inspire all of us. You will be part of the conversation on mental health awareness.


Indigenous Smudge Ceremony to start the day

Keynote Speaker

Jean-Michel Blais, Chief, Halifax Regional Police and Principal, Empiric Consultancy Solutions

Jean-Michel Blais has over thirty-one years of policing experience, having served with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the United Nations, and Halifax Regional Police as Chief of Police where he is set to retire in March 2019. Upon his retirement, Jean-Michel will begin offering his services to first responder organizations as the principal of Empiric Consultancy Solutions in both French and English with specific emphasis on labor relationships, leadership development, mental health and wellness, and managing complexity. He is currently writing a book of memoirs and lessons in leadership and complexity to be completed by 2021.

Guest Speakers

Ashley Quackenbush – DJ, WE Volunteer, Jack.org Speaker, and  WL Manitoulin Island Lead

Gregory D. Zed, R.S.W. – Forensic Suicidologist, A.A.S., and WL New Brunswick Lead

Amy Leon – Paralegal, WL Run Ambassadors Co-lead, and Blogger

Kim LaMontagne, MBA –  Mental Health Advocate, NAMI Speaker and Teacher, and WL New England Lead

Ben Meisner – Pro Hockey Player and Mental Health Advocate

Keith Anderson and Friends

Wellness Room with a Psychologist  provided by True North Psychological Services on site




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