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Unlimited messaging for one month with AskDxR

Dinan, Rawan here with you.
We are therapists based in Khartoum, Sudan. We were born and raised in New Zealand. Our mission is to help you with any mental health challenges you may have. Trust us, we can provide you with help on this journey and answers to your concerns. You are not alone. You can lean on us. All sessions are kept confidential between us and you.
معكم دنان و روان
نحنا أخصائيين نفسيين من نيوزيلندا وعايشين في السودان . بنعمل إرشاد نفسي لكل الأعمار لو عندكم اي مشكلة ما لقيتوا ليها حل اتواصل معانا عشان عدنا كل الحلول. نحنا معاكم و ساندينكم.

For just $32 per week (billed monthly) you will have unlimited access to the help you need to get back to a life worth living.

One of our staff will reach out to you to arrange your texting package after the transaction has processed


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