WL Nova Scotia

Worth Living Nova Scotia Launches!

Given all the Worth Living Chapters getting established, it is time to get one active in Keith’s home province of Nova Scotia. WL has some super Ambassadors in Nova Scotia who contribute to the conversation on mental health topics.

Here are the WL Ambassadors in Nova Scotia who have written for the WL blog, provided photographs and artwork, supported WL on social media, and created a running group:

Eleri McEachern, Hannah-Grace Morgan, Ashley Shaw, Norah Quirk, Mike Mousseau, Nicole Thibeault, Lauren Humphreys, Emily Gillis, Thomas Morgan, Katie Campeau, Julie Arab, Gemma Shelton, Mary-Margaret Bennett, Kate Lythgoe, Kirsten Aitken, Anita Carter-Rose, Amy Leon, Shannon LeLievre Pierangeli, Julie Saunders

Thanks to all of you, looking forward to more ahead!