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WL Run Ambassadors

Two people are introduced through Worth Living. They have both had mental health challenges. They both run to help with those challenges. They have come together to launch the WL Run Ambassadors Initiative. They will be running and organizing WL Running Teams in upcoming races in Nova Scotia.  They will be taking it beyond Nova Scotia into your cities and communities. They will help you plan a WL Running Team.

Introducing the WL Run Co-Leads

Amy Leon

Amy is a working single mom, diagnosed with Depression in 2011.

During her initial battle with Depression, Amy found her home with the running community.  They provided support, comradery, and a place where she felt she belonged. This was true not only for the local community, but the online community as well. There was no judgement, as many of the people she met were fighting similar demons.  During an injury in early 2014, she decided to start sharing her struggle with not being able to run and how that was playing out not only physically but mentally was well.

When her daughter was diagnosed with Depression/Anxiety in late 2017, the desire to continue the conversation regarding mental illness and mental health grew even more.

Amy shares her journey on social media through her blog Screaming Into the Void, as well as through other social media channels such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.  She hopes that by keeping her journey available others will realize they are not alone. Getting the help you need does not make you weak, it shows how strong you are.




Facebook (new page):

Note from Keith – Amy’s family and my family have been close friends, almost family, for a few generations. It’s been great to re-connect.


Shannon Pierangeli

Shannon is an event planner who focuses on creating event experiences for fitness and health-related businesses. A graduate of the University of Ottawa, she has a degree in Human Kinetics and a Bachelor of Education which allows her to combine her passion for fitness and health education as she inspires others to pursue an active lifestyle. Her website showcases her event history and features a blog addressing hot topics in the fitness and health industry. Shannon is an avid runner and will be launching a podcast called Run For Your Life with a Phoenix-based blogger, Melissa Kahn, which will share stories about the power of running and fitness in maintaining mental health.

Website and blog

Twitter @MerakiEventPlan

Instagram @merakieventplanning

Note from Keith – After meeting Shannon, it was clear we thought the same on mental health topics and are now working on more events. Shannon is also the WL Director of Event Planning.

WL Run Ambassadors Program 

Shannon finishes her first half marathon. Proud to have her rep Worth Living


Amy Leon and Shannon Pierangeli , co-leads of Worth Living Run Ambassadors, braved the elements on January 1 to start 2019 off right with the Running Room Resolution Run 5k. Here’s to the official launch of the Worth Living Run Ambassador program in 2019!


Worth Living Run Ambassadors Shannon LeLievre, Charlotte Flewelling, and Amy Leon ran in the Bluenose Marathon weekend.  They ran for mental health.