The 4H’s Seminars

Worth Living Life Strategies

Hope Healing Health Happiness

I will host 2 Sessions where I promise a true, blunt, and forthright discussion on how I attained good heath after years of depression. The steps I took to leave the darkness behind. But it’s more than me, this is about you. I want to hear from you as the sessions proceed. Together we will change your life for the better. We will celebrate the real world in all its splendor.

I can promise that you will realize and understand that your life is good, it’s even wonderful at times.

First Session

Hope and Healing

My journey started with no hope.  I will discuss how I got on the path to better mental health. Your path will surface too, so that your life – personal and professional – becomes hopeful. We all need to have hope in order to begin to heal.

Looking after yourself in this at times harsh world. I will discuss the steps I used to get to that good place where my thoughts, feelings, wants, and needs became worthy enough in my mind for me to stand up and assert them as important. You will learn how to step up for yourself.

Second Session

Health and Happiness

The Higher Level of Health

Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem, Self-Worth, Self-Respect. Learn what it takes to attain another level of good mental health. Learn how to take control and have your mind focus on you! You are the one who counts. The Self’s bring a wealth of benefits to your life with happiness is the ultimate goal.