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Worth Living Ambassador Marcus Brown

My name is Marcus Brown, I live  in London, and I’m currently a 12x marathon runner.

I was never really into long distance running at school, however following a bet from a friend I signed up for a 10K in 2006. I don’t like backing down from a challenge even though I was unfit from university. The training was very hard and many times I had serious reservations about whether I would complete it. But the sense of satisfaction I had from completing the 10k gave me so much confidence, and I promptly signed up for another 10k.

Over the next few years, I built up my confidence from running 10k and half marathon distances to signing up for my first full marathon which was in Abingdon in 2008. After the long training period, then to complete the marathon, it gave me so much confidence of what I was capable. Although my time wasn’t fast, I learnt not to place limitations on what I believed I was, whether you’re slow or fast, you’re a runner in my eyes.

I like to be challenged which is why I enjoy running. It’s a great reminder to not always stay in your comfort zone.

In 2016, I completed my goal which was to run four marathons in one year, to highlight and raise awareness that 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health challenge each year and encourage others of the importance exercise has in working towards the balance between a healthy mind and healthy body.

My long term goal is an extension of the 2016 goal, to complete the six world marathon majors. I’ve completed the London, Berlin and New York marathons (3 out of 6). And my other goal is to work towards a three hour marathon.
In the morning, it’s easy to take care of things we can physically see.

But in terms of mental health it’s so important to take care of the mind also. If we look at our basic emotions of fear or love, these can subconsciously dictate our conscious moods for the day. Hence why it’s important to get the mind focused to best serve you for that day.

Try this for 10 minutes

1.If you are facing a challenge, ask what one thing you can do to make a positive difference today.

2.Think of approximately three things  for which you are grateful.

3.Think of approximately three goals/values your committed to achieving.

Some people pray, some people mediate. These are different ways of getting your mind focused in a way that will better serve you. What’s suggested above can be modified to suit based on what works for you.

You could even do it with or without exercise.

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