Linkin Park Top 10 Countdown

Worth Living Ambassador & Official DJ Scratchley Q

After the passing of Chester Bennington last week, I was asked to do a Top 10 Countdown with just Linkin Park songs. As a fan, this countdown was super challenging not only because there are so many good LP songs and each song has a special message, but also knowing that Chester is no longer on this earth is difficult. You just never know the battles someone might be fighting deep down inside. Sometimes we don’t understand what goes on inside someone’s head and how they are truly feeling. I encourage everyone to be nice to one another and listen to each other with open ears and an open heart. If you think someone is struggling or thinking of suicide, don’t be afraid to reach out to that person. So here’s this week’s Linkin Park Countdown in memory of Chester    – Scratchley Q


Linkin Park Top 10 Countdown
10. Lost In The Echo

9. Castle Of Glass

8. Somewhere I Belong

7. Crawling

6. Heavy (ft. Kiiara)

5. New Divide

4. What I’ve Done

3. Burn It Down

2.  In The End

1. Leave Out All The Rest

Bonus Track….One More Light

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