Worth Living Top 10 Countdown – Songs for Relaxation

Worth Living Ambassador & Official DJ Scratchley Q

Scrathley Q is a 23 year old from Manitoulin Island who loves sharing her passion for DJing with the public. She is a natural performer who has no problem filling a dance floor and keeping it moving. Scratchley Q is a high energy performer who has established a reputation as a versatile, professional, and hardworking DJ. She presents a weekly Top 10 Countdown of music videos for the WL blog. She also has 5 Volumes of Worth Living Therapy BBP www.mixcloud.com/djscratchleyq. Her contributions to WL are inspiring and impressive.

Worth Living Top 10 Countdown- Songs for Relaxation
10. Massive Attack- Exchange

9. Alexi Murdoch- Orange Sky

8. Radiohead- High and Dry

7. Sade- By Your Side

6. Pink Floyd- Learning to Fly

5. Michael Hoppe- Shadows Fall

4. Coldplay- Strawberry Swing

3. Incubus- Aqueous Transmission

2. Girish- Diamonds in the Sun

1. Marconi Union- Weightless

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