Positive Healing

Worth Living Ambassador Kara Lynn

Kara Lynn graduated university with a B.A in Psychology and is in the final years of Psychiatric nursing. Being an avid mental health advocate, Kara is able to offer therapeutic programs to aid in challenges that people face while being able to bring awareness and enlightenment to those within the community to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health. Not all mental illnesses come from trauma, and not all traumas inspire mental illnesses, however these are paired among society. Kara is also a motivational speaker, looking to inspire and encourage others to live a healthy, positive, and full life.

Positive Healing

There have been many questions about my positive energy, my enthusiasm for life and adventure, and the ability to see something positive in a negative situation. It does not come from meditation or beautiful scenery ( although it helps). Positivity is based on perception.

The way you feel and how you act play a large role in your day. I’m not afraid of the future nor am I afraid of failure. Those are challenges that I accept and welcome to create and shape a better me. What I do today helps me become who I will be tomorrow.

Every experience that  I have encountered, every miracle or obstacle that I have faced helped to shape me to be the best possible person that I can be. I am not saying I don’t have bad days – I do, I am human. I take from those “bad” or challenging moments and learn and grow and that’s what makes me happy – growing mentally, physically and spiritually.

I have great people in my corner and some not so great. Those who are always there and those who are there when it benefits them – and that’s fine. They are doing the same thing as you – living and doing what makes them happy.

I have lost wonderful people in my life who I wish I could bring back. Life doesn’t make that easy. What it has taught me is to hold onto those you love, never take anyone for granted, and reflect on the good times that you can laugh about with those you encounter. Use your experiences to create a bond with someone new.

I ask you now, do you find yourself constantly battling stressed feelings or unhappy thoughts? Ask yourself why and find a road that will deter you away from that negative energy. Most of the time we continue feeling as we do without reflecting on why we feel that way and from there, it becomes a continual cycle of added stress. Your stress and set -backs can become a view for opportunity to be challenged and motivated. If you find you are in a situation you wish to not be in and that is what is setting you back, my advice to you is change the scenario.

Here are some of my tips for you to help through those unwanted nasty days or weeks.

1. If someone close to you hurts your feelings,let them know but don’t be mean, just have a rational conversation about things that bother you. Don’t necessarily write people off right away either. We all have good traits and bad traits. They make us who we are, but how can change be expected if that person who has hurt you doesn’t realize what they are doing?

2. For one week write everything down that gives you hesitation, stress, makes you upset and so on. By the end of the week take a look at what bothered you and examine it. You may notice that there are patterns occurring. Sometimes we go on autopilot to get through whatever it is we need to during the week, and that’s OK. However sometimes when that happens we lose our focus and become uneasy, or upset at small things. How can we change our perspective? Attitude

Sure, I dislike having to wait for people to contact me back when I’ve emailed them about business related aspects and sometimes it may feel like they take forever to respond. However, I am doing what will ultimately make me happy in the future. During that time, I am grateful that I have been able to start my own business with the education that I have and worked hard for in school.

3. I try not to complain. I saw a post on Instagram and it enlightened me. It was a post challenging you to not complain for one full day. Is it difficult? Absolutely, but it’s doable. It is all in the perspective. It’s surprising how much we complain about things, even when we don’t mean to.
“Exercising  daily is hard work”
– I am now one step closer to getting to my ideal weight, fuelling my body with energy while feeling and looking my best
“I hate how cold it is”
-I have warm running water, big blankets ( lovely duvet), and other means to keep warm, not a lot of people have what I have, so I am thankful more than disappointed or agitated.

4. Write what you are grateful for and what makes you happy. Big or small. Write it. You don’t have to do this every day. If you want, just write when something happens that put a smile on your face. Make a book of them to reflect on when you start to feel stressed about life not going where you want it to go, or when you feel like your day can’t get any worse. This will be your pick me up or a reminder of where you want to be.

I’m currently sitting here thinking about what I am grateful for: My family, the copious amount of supportive and wonderful people in my life, my yoga classes, and being able to go to the gym whenever possible.

I’ve seen those close to me struggle through pain, whether by health, relationships, and other stresses and triumphs! Climb to the top after every battle that was given and stand at the top of that proverbial mountain. That too is my inspiration. What I need to look at to reflect on my bad days to turn them into positive, to motivate me to work harder and to push me along on my bad days.

Like everyone else, I too get my bad days and though they may not work for everyone, these help me get over unwanted feelings almost instantly. When you find yourself feeling down, ask what can be changed to make yourself happier, accomplished and find what can help you become dedicated to something great. Find the good in the bad or in the stressful.

I’m not saying life is easy and won’t have its difficulties from time to time and I do take into consideration that there are aspects we cannot run away from. Life can be scary or it can be rewarding. It’s how you choose to view it and what you choose to do with what’s given to you. Most importantly never give up. Everything you do leads you somewhere.

Are we allowed to have bad days? Absolutely, that’s what good nights with great friends are for.

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