Let Me Tell You a Story

Worth Living Ambassador Sarah Gobeil

Hi world, I’m Sarah.  I’m a slightly crazy, energetic ball of dancing wonders. I love to make others happy and to influence the world in the most positive way I can. I also really like to smile.  Smiles are contagious, please show me yours

Let me tell you a story:

As a young child, I always had many friends. I never doubted my ability to make or keep friends. I thought I was funny, smart, and caring, which in my head, were perfect characteristics for a friend. I must have been about 13 when I realized that not all friends are forever, no matter how much you loved them.

I started high school and within the year, I found myself without a friend-group. I was not hated by anyone in particular, I was just not anyone’s first choice; which I will admit was a very hard pill to swallow. Luckily for me, I was fortunate enough to find someone very soon after that I thought would be around forever.

Everything in the social aspect of my life was perfect, I didn’t even need to spend time grieving  from the loss of my other friends because I had hit the best-friend jackpot.  We began doing everything together, known as each other’s side-kicks. I will tell you…
There is a subtle falsehood in friendship and it’s hard to identify that while in the friendship. But within my own very best friendship, I failed to see what was on the other end of the horizon.

I am a clingy person and I take full responsibility in that. So, when my best friend started to not talk to me as often, I got a little worried but I didn’t sweat it too much. It wasn’t until I was almost completely excluded from all of the social gatherings of which I was once a part that I realized there was a problem.

Within a few days of this realization, I confronted my best-friend, and my best-friend left me. To my best-friend, I had not been myself and it was not manageable to be my friend any longer. No apologies, no regrets.

I found myself back in the position I was in a few years back, but this time I had time to grieve.

Now, let me give you a lesson:

I have learned so much about myself without the presence of many friends. There is something liberating about being able to accept yourself and who you are without having a ‘best-friend’.

1.If someone is making you feel bad about yourself for having emotions and feelings; let them go.
2.If you allow others to control your emotions, you will never be happy.
3.You have to know who you are before you can let anyone else know who you are.
4.As a friend, it is incredibly important to stick around during the tough times.
5.You WILL survive the thought of no-one being there for you.
6.Someone in your life will be there for you when you call out.
7.Your life is worth living

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