A Connection, the Night of a Disc Jockey

Worth Living Ambassador & Official DJ Scratchley Q

WL Ambassador & Official DJ Scratchley Q steps away from her regular music gig and shares deeply personal thoughts and feelings from a Night of a Disc Jockey. Her resilience and commitment to life are inspiring. Her dedication to sharing her journey through Worth Living is greatly needed and truly appreciated.  Her contributions  to WL continue to help all of us! Thanks!

Scrathley Q is a 23 year old from Manitoulin Island who loves sharing her passion for DJing with the public. She is a natural performer who has no problem filling a dance floor and keeping it moving. Scratchley Q is a high energy performer who has established a reputation as a versatile and professional, hardworking DJ. She presents a weekly Top Countdown of music videos for the WL blog.  She also has mixed 5 Volumes of Worth Living BPM Therapy  www.mixcloud.com/djscratchleyq

A Connection, the Night of a Disc Jockey

Days, hours, minutes of endless preparation.
An Anxiety filled body before approaching the venue.
Ongoing sleepless nights.
Stress felt deep in the chest.
Constant worry of performing to the highest ability.
Expectations that the exquisite sounds will stimulate the crowd.
A slight moment of ambitious positive though.
Bringing connection between two worlds.

Weekends the dance floor is moving.
Dancers can feel the bass vibrating through their feet.
Treble thrusting through their hearts.
On the dance floor all troubles and worries are left behind.
Muffled voices heard over heavenly sounds.
The dance floor brings joy and safety.
The dance floor, up lifting the soul.
Bringing connection between two worlds.

Disc Jockey, a veteran in the industry.
Watching the movements on the dance floor.
With a look of glazed concentration.
Searching music libraries for sounds of perfection.
The music selections, experimental.
Providing energy matched by the active bodies.
Hyped interactions with dancers.
Bringing connection between two worlds.

The lights dim, the music fades to a silence.
The dance floors muffled voices turn noiseless.
DJ’s heart racing, thoughts of self-doubt.
Isolated night in the booth, lonely travel home.
Pushing through an unfathomable depression.
The hours of exhausting adrenaline winding down.
Aftermath nightmares of a performance on repeat.
Bringing connection between two worlds.

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