Mental Health & Sleep – Video

Worth Living Ambassador Beth Allen

Mental Health & Sleep – Tips & Tricks on how to avoid Anxiety at bedtime

Hey there, everyone! This week we’re talking about all things mental health & sleeeeeeep.

My relationship with sleep has been somewhat stressful over the last few years. Thanks to Anxiety & Emetophobia I have really struggled to sleep before 3AM. (I know!)

After releasing this week’s poll I was so surprised to realise that so many of us have a challenge getting a decent night sleep thanks to our mental illnesses!
If you thought that you were the only one finding night times a living hell – you really are not alone.

I hope in this video there will be something that will help you to get the much needed sleep you deserve! And if you didn’t have a chance to share your “sleep tips” please feel free to comment down below!

Thank you so much to everyone who shared their stories & advice for this week’s video. I could NOT make these videos without you!

Have a wonderful week everyone. I will see you next week with another video.

Bye! x

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