Worth Living Top 10 – Sticks & Stones

Worth Living Ambassador & Official DJ Scratchley Q

Worth Living Top 10 Countdown – Sticks & Stones

We have all heard the saying sticks and stones. Sticks and stones is a way to reply to an insult. It indicates that one has registered the insult but it does not have an effect on the person. This week we are counting down Worth Living’s Top 10 songs about sticks and stones. We all have had sticks and stones in our lives. Enjoy! – Scratchley Q

10. Sticks & Stones – The Zombies

9. Sweetheart – Penelope Houston

8. Sticks and Stones – Ray Charles

7. Sticks and Stones – Suzi Quatro

6. What About Us – Pink

5. Pocket Full Of Sunshine – Natasha Bedingfield

4. Proud Of The House We Built – Brooks & Dunn

3. Sticks & Stones – Aly & AJ

2. Oh! Gravity – Switchfoot

1 Sticks and Stones – Nelly Furtado

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