Worth Living Ambassador Michele King

Hi! My name is Michele and I am 30 years old. Living with both depression and anxiety, I want to be a positive force of change to help end the stigma associated with mental illness, with hopes that what I share will help at least one person who comes across it.



Healing isn’t black and white.

It’s all g r e y matter.

And just when you think you’ve mastered it

there will be another layer to unfold.


People think healing is easy

but true healing is


often painful


requires hard work.

It’s demanding.

Expecting you to show up for yourself every day.

It’s going to therapy

and confronting

the deepest parts of yourself.

The parts you would like to keep tucked away and never speak of.

It’s choosing to love yourself,

despite the voices telling you

that you’re not enough.


It’s letting go

knowing you’re doing the best you can.

It happens on an individual basis

and is very much

an inside job.


It’s making strides, a little at a time,

falling down,



deciding to

get back up again.


It’s good days and bad days.

It’s crying one minute and letting yourself laugh the next.

It’s giving yourself grace.

It’s messy.

It’s real.

It’s beautiful.

No healing isn’t black and white, it’s all

g r e y matter.


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