When Nightmares Come Back 

Worth Living Ambassador Jennah Lay

My name is Jennah Lay and I am currently living in Vancouver, British Columbia. I struggle with  anxiety, depression, and the aftermath of a psychosis. I believe that mental health is the most important part of one’s well-being and am in full support of creating supportive communities that are aligned with this platform.



When Nightmares Come Back 


The demons in my mind crept out of their hiding place and made themselves known


While my anxiety heightened, my hands tightly held my head, rocking back and forth

between my knees


I couldn’t shake these nightmarish thoughts, the worst dream imaginable became my

living reality, and this time I couldn’t wake up from it


As my parents cradled me and hugged me as tight as humanly possible, and reassured

me, my unhealthy brain had taken over once again


I cried uncontrollably and tried to calm down, but this was harder than usual, this

episode was uniquely damaging


Thoughts of an intrusive nature entered my mind with no filter and I believed all of them


That which was the nightmare of my life in 2013 returned in 2019


There are things I could never tell my own mom, thoughts of an unhealthy brain that

would be too hard to recover from.


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