Our Values

Worth Living Mental Health is a safe, diverse, international  online community where people gather to share their personal journeys with mental health challenges.

Worth Living’s team are folks who have travelled their own journey through mental health or addiction challenges. Their journey is represented by the Worth Living message of Hope, Healing, Health, and Happiness.  

We share our journeys to support others and to uniquely address challenges in the workplace to better assist companies, industry, and associations to set up programs for those suffering mental health challenges. 

Worth Living Well is the latest addition to the firm , and will provide self care services to everyone, with a particular focus on those who will utilize or be introduced to techniques such as yoga, meditation, and mindfulness to help better establish a foundation for healing and recovery in their personal journeys. In addition to classes, Worth Living Well offers workshops, specialized series and events that provide additional assistance to those suffering varying degrees of challenges from support for sleep, series for pain management and movement, mental well being, such as anxiety and stress, events, and workshops for better well being, and in the future those options and opportunities will expand.

Worth Living is known for its passion to support other people and organizations to help those who may not know where to start or how to heal. Because the Worth Living Team has walked the path, survived, and thrived, our unique experience positively impacts everyone we have touched. 

Worth Living clearly shows folks that you are not alone, and you can thrive.