Keith Anderson

Keith is from Nova Scotia. Like many people, he grew up well educated and equipped himself with the tools to pursue his dreams. He graduated from Dalhousie Law School in 1983 and completed his Master of Laws in 1987 at University College London. Keith went on to become a very successful practicing lawyer and maintained good relationships with his family and friends, or so it seemed, for quite some time.

By 2003, life had changed for Keith. He was struggling with his mental health, he felt confused, hopeless, and completely alone.  He was diagnosed with depression on March 7, 2003. The following Tuesday, his career was gone, and that evening he had a mental breakdown. In the span of 5 days, his life came undone. Not his best week.

His supportive community and many friends seemed to drop off as depression took over the life he once knew. For two years Keith was confined to his house only to leave for therapy once a week.

It took years of struggling to recover and to understand the stigma. Keith took solace in simple yet special moments that aided his recovery. Today with his combined professional and mental health experience and good health,  he has discovered a way to continue battling social stigma; sharing his story and inspiring others to overcome their struggles and find the joy in life to keep hoping and to keep living.

With more and more people losing their battles against depression, we need strong voices of recovery to inspire hope. Today, Keith is one of those voices. He stands before thousands of people at conferences, presentations, awareness campaigns, and fundraisers, succeeding over depression, to share his relevant and inspiring story.