Liz MacLennan

Liz MacLennan

Almost a decade ago, Liz had checked herself into rehab, diagnosed with anxiety, depression, and addiction. The program supported a need for yoga and mindfulness.  As part of her own mental health journey, Liz started yoga to heal.

PŪR Yoga studio was an idea born from her personal journey and the desire to share with others the importance of yoga in keeping one healthy emotionally, physically, and mentally.  With the pandemic, the studio physical doors closed to open virtually as PŪR Resilience.

Liz’s desire to support others with mental health and addiction challenges has continued to evolve over this time.

Liz is thrilled to be integrating with Keith Anderson, and Worth Living through a serendipitous meeting of 2 people across the country from a friend and Zoom during the pandemic.  Together they will offer unique, personal, and supportive personal care services with the introduction of Worth Living Well.

Liz is a certified yoga and meditation teacher. Prior to yoga, Liz spent almost 30 years in politics and government, leading large and small teams in strategic planning, legislative and regulatory reforms and communications and issues management.