Worth Living Apparel

I wanted to launch an Apparel Line for a couple of reasons.

One was to show people that the Worth Living message is one to which we can all identify. We know from ourselves and those close to us that living a good life, filled with hope, health, and happiness, can be challenging to achieve. I wanted the idea of Worth Living to be visible, to re-enforce that our lives are indeed Worth Living, even when darkness seems to be all around.

The other reason was to hopefully allow people to “wear it / share it”.  I want people to feel a sense of community. Wearing apparel that shows WL is part of our lives.  WL creates such a positive embrace of life.  We are not alone, which is such a common feeling for those with mental illness.   We are members of the Worth Living Team.

Join the Worth Living Team!


Shirts –  Available in Black or White, 100% cotton.

Shirts are $25.00 plus $7.00 shipping.

Stickers, a set of 3  is $5.00.