Conferences 2021

Worth Living Conferences 2019-21

The Conferences planned for 2020 and 2021 were cancelled due to COVID-19.


Testimonials from the Worth Living Conference held in Halifax on May 31, 2019. 

Keith O’Neil, Senior Partner at HomeEXCEPT 

“Last year I had the privilege to volunteer my time to Worth Living, as they put on their first conference. It was a time to support others, share a message and help individuals to know it’s ok, not to feel ok. The message was shared, and people across North America came together to support one another. The foundation of supporting others with mental illness starts with us collectively. Can we see ourselves in them? Can we try to understand the depths of their/our hurting? It can be us, maybe it is us. Surround ourselves with people that know, care and are open. I left there with a little more strength then when I went in! “

Katie Campeau, Masters Student, Acadia University 

“I really enjoyed the Worth Living Conference. I appreciated how there was a full-range of speakers with different experiences (post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, major depressive disorder, substance abuse disorder, eating disorders) in different backgrounds (a Mi’kmaq Elder, athletes, members of corporate businesses, musicians, policy, etc). There seemed to be a connection among the speakers who presented and the people attending the conference. It was an organized event but it also felt like a relaxed and open environment. I would most definitely attend another Worth Living conference.” 

Rosanne BurkeRosanne Burke, CDP Dementia Consultant | Keynote Speaker | Freelance Writer | Dementia Trainer | Marketing and Social Media Consultant

“The Worth Living Conference was an incredible day of learning, sharing, friendship, fellowship and coming together to support one another. There was laughter, tears, hugs and an overwhelming feeling of community – you’re not alone when it comes to mental health challenges. I can’t thank Keith Anderson enough for his leadership in mental health and for the contribution that this conference makes to the mental health and wellness of all who attend.”

Wanda Tingley

“It was great  Eye opening. Informative.  Much needed, more often. Supportive . Needed , needed , needed ………”

Samantha Wharton, sponsor

Thank you Worth Living for continuing to discuss the importance of mental health. Your global promotion of mental health conversations at organizational and personal levels helps tremendously to support people to speak about it, and for employers to appropriately recognize it. I am proud to support your initiatives. You have made much needed conversational progress in Canada and globally.