Life Worth Living: A Mental Health Anthology

Worth Living News! 

We are super excited to announce that our book Life Worth Living: A Mental Health Anthology is available now.

An incredibly diverse group of  authours share their journeys, each an important voice in the conversation on mental health. 

Price:  $29.99 CAD,  free shipping.  

You can purchase your copy in our Shop

Thanks for supporting the ongoing conversation on mental health. 

Huge thanks to Cat Davis, Katie Campeau and all the authours for their tireless work!  

The Authours

Keith Anderson 

Cat Davis

Katie Campeau

Ryan Gould

Nikki Opara

Haley Tiffany

Katherine McCain

Blaine Wolfe

Precious Emodamorri 

Alexandre Campeau

Natalie Vopicelli

Ashley Shaw