Worth Living

I knew I wanted a voice. I had this deep need to explain to the world what had happened to me. To show how depression took such control.

So in the fall of 2007, I went looking online. I thought I could write an article about my journey and submit it for consideration.  I would send it to whomever I thought would be interested, which meant any news outlet for which I could find an email address.

A local newspaper, The Daily News, was very receptive. The editor wanted to run a three part series, written by me. I was so excited to have the opportunity to go public.

I submitted three articles, some editing was required.  After not hearing from me for 4 years,  people would finally learn how my life came undone. The paper had commissioned artwork to accompany my articles.  The series was set to start on a Saturday. The prior Monday, I watched the local news and the lead story was that the newspaper was being shut down, effective that day.  I was crushed.  No public appearance.

So I took a breath, collected myself, and emailed the National Post newspaper, here in Canada. Within the hour, I received a response that my article was a great fit for a new series, called All About Bouncing Back, that the paper was going to publish in the new year.

My article appeared on February 20, 2008.  A proud moment for me.

The editor chose the title – How I Returned to a Life Worth Living.  She understood where I had been, in darkness, and where I was at that time, in some light.

I always liked the title and I have made reference to it in presentations and in personal conversations.

I was invited to present at the Schizophrenia Society of Nova Scotia’s 27th Annual Conference to be held next month. The theme of the day long event is Thriving in Recovery.

The title of my presentation –  Worth Living.

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