Worth Living Top 10 Count Down with DJ Scratchley Q (Hip Hop Edition )

Worth Living  Ambassador & Official WL DJ – DJ Scratchley Q

DJ Scratchley Q is 23 years old from Manitoulin Island, Ontario, who loves sharing her passion for DJing with the public. She is a natural performer who has no problem filling a dance floor and keeping it moving. Scratchley Q is a high energy performer who has established a reputation as a versatile and professional, hardworking DJ. Scratchley Q has DJ`d many events including; bars, dances for all ages, benefit concerts, private events and socials, formals and proms, birthday parties, anniversaries, stag and does, weddings, talent events, New Years Eve parties, Pride events, outdoor concerts, corporate events, retail, collaborations with other artists, and many more. She is the Official DJ for the Worth Living Organization.

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Worth Living Top 10

Sometimes we forget that celebrities are human and they feel the same emotions as everyday people. They have struggles and difficult times. Each one of the emcees who are in this Top 10 Chart speak openly about their own personal struggles with mental illness through their music. They are also open to how they have over come their struggles. These emcees are opening conversation to talk about mental health.

10. Isaiah  Rashad “2x Pills”    “Don’t go through the problems in your head alone. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help. The worst thing to do is think ur alone in it”



9. Danny Brown “Die Like A Rockstar”    “I can’t sleep my anxiety is at an all time high (sic) but don’t none of y’all care about that Sh*t,” Depression is serious y’all think I do drugs cause it’s fun.”


8.  Krizz Kaliko “Unstable”    “In 2015 I contemplated suicide. The world felt like a big ride I wanted to get off.”


7. Future “Codeine Crazy”   “Drownin’ in Actavis, suicide”


6. JCole  “Born Sinner”   “There’s a mentality that I had that was never shaken, it was quiet, it wasn’t outspoken, it was all in my head. The minute that changes and now I’m dealing with a mind state I’ve had to deal l with before- which is fighting all these negative thoughts- that’s the dark place I’m talking about.”


5. DMX “Slippin”    “I used to be really clear on who was what and what character each personality had… but at this point I’m not even sure if there is a difference.”



4. Joe Budden “Only Human”    “Tired of being strong, please let me be weak for a minute. Kinda thought that my disease tried to kill your man first.”


3. Scarface “ Diary of a Madman”    “But back then, I felt like attention was the last things I wanted. I wouldn’t have been able to tell you if it was any one specific thing that had pushed me to that point. I just know that I was mad. Mad and sad. I felt like no one wanted me.”


2. Kendrick Lamar “U”     “I couldn’t understand that. -That can draw a thin line between you having your sanity and you losing it. This is how artists deteriorate if you don’t catch yourself. And my release therapy is music.”

1. Kid Cudi “The Prayer”    “There wasn’t a week or a day that didn’t go by where I was just like, ‘You know I wanna check out.’ I know what it feels like, I know it comes from loneliness, I know it comes from not having self-worth, not loving yourself.”

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