Worth Living Top 10 Countdown – Family

Worth Living Ambassador & Official DJ Scratchley Q

Worth Living Top 10 Countdown – Family
I hold my family close, we have a strong bond. Family is a wonderful thing to have. My family has been there for me through thick and thin to say the least. I also like to classify my close friends as family. This week’s countdown involves family. All these songs in this week’s countdown are about family. Enjoy – Scratchley Q

10. Dance with My Father by Luther Vandross

9. Daughters by John Mayer

8. Who Says You Can’t Go Home by Bon Jovi and Jennifer Nettles

7. Hey Brother by Avicii

6. Sometimes You Can’t Make It on Your Own – U2

5. Family Portrait – Pink

4. Family Is Family – Kacey Musgraves

3. Mom – Meghan Trainor

2. Father to Son – Queen

1.Somebody’s Hero” by Jamie O’Neal

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