I Love You and So Should You

Worth Living Ambassador Niko Colletti

Hey there! I’m Niko, 20 years old, of Southern Ontario.  I’m on a journey to find myself and discover what truly makes me happy, while continuing to learn how to function in this complicated world around me.  I was diagnosed with High-Functioning Autism as well as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) at a very young age, and it’s been a long haul living with a brain wired so differently.  I intend to continue bettering myself while sharing my experiences with those who are feeling overwhelmed in their struggles, showing that with enough determination and patience, you will persevere no matter what demons share your company.

I love you and so should you

I am back and posting after quite a hiatus. Ooooohhhh my, I feel so good!!!!

I don’t want to discredit those who aren’t in this place right now, but I feel like this is such an important thing to talk about, and acknowledge, because feeling good is such an achievement when you’ve felt so bad.

I have learned so much about myself this year and made some crucial self-discoveries that have distracted me from what I wanted to be my 3-posts-per-month schedule for this blog. Because of how hard I have worked on myself and how far I have come in this past year, I wanted to document it so I could see where I was at each month looking back. I soon remembered that I have limited energy to sustain effort towards things and decided to just focus all of my energy on my journey for the last little while. But I’m back! And here are the few things I have learned in BULLET POINTS BECAUSE PARAGRAPHS ARE HARD FOR ME TO WRITE WITHOUT RAMBLING OKAY

•Medication does not work for, or has to work for everyone. If it does, good for you but keep in mind it does not “fix the problem”. It creates a platform you can work with to help work on things in a more controllable and balanced way.

•Holistic medicine has the potential to work super-duper well and everyone should give it a try, especially those who didn’t respond well to medication. Don’t be afraid of stigma.

•Trust the process. Some days will be better than others. It also isn’t a linear process. It may suck tomorrow then be dope again then suck again. Get used to it. You’ll be so badass, and you’ll also be fine, I promise.

•Know yourself, because you are the only one that lives in your head. You might as well know how everything works; you’re the one using it!!

•Not knowing or being unsure about any part of you is normal and okay. Don’t feel like you need the answers to everything, and don’t feel like you have to label yourself. Labels are for others to better understand you, but you have to understand yourself first and foremost. No one else matters and it’s none of anyone’s business what you label is or if you have one.

•You are in charge of your own happiness, but it is okay to be unhappy.  It is so, so valid to feel sad or angry or any emotion you need to process your feelings, and it is totally acceptable if you find you aren’t happy most of the time, or even all the time.  Remember, though that the only one that can ultimately affect your happiness is you. While no one can decide whether living is tough, only you can decide if living is worth it.

•There are no rules to your recovery process. There are no rules to how you can feel. There are no rules to life, period. The only rule to life is to be kind to one another.

That’s all for now. Stay ready for more, I have so much to share. I wish everyone reading this well. Love, and live a life worth living.

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