She is an event planner who focuses on creating event experiences for fitness and health-related businesses. A graduate of the University of Ottawa, she has a degree in Human Kinetics and a Bachelor of Education which allows her to combine her passion for fitness and health education as she inspires others to pursue an active lifestyle. Her website showcases her event history and features a blog addressing hot topics in the fitness and health industry. Shannon is an avid runner and will be launching a podcast called Run For Your Life with a Phoenix-based blogger, Melissa Kahn, which will share stories about the power of running and fitness in maintaining mental health.


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Cat Davis is a 21-year-old student at the University of Virginia majoring in Cognitive Science with a concentration in Neuroscience. She was diagnosed with Bipolar 1 disorder in 2017 and has since become an advocate for mental health awareness and education.

Before Cat was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, she was misdiagnosed with depression. She was institutionalized twice before being correctly diagnosed and given the proper medication and treatment. Cat now aspires to continue the mental health conversation, educate the public about the signs and symptoms of bipolar disorder, and advocate for the research of mental illnesses, which she believes will inevitably lead to more correct diagnoses.

Cat became an Ambassador and writer for Worth Living in May 2017. As well as on Worth Living’s website, Cat has published articles about bipolar disorder on,, and her blog She also has used platforms such as TEDx and The Human Library Organization to share her experiences through public speaking.

Cat is also a regular on the Worrh Living Podcasts

Keith is from Nova Scotia. Like many people, he grew up well educated and equipped himself with the tools to pursue his dreams. He graduated from Dalhousie Law School in 1983 and completed his Master of Laws in 1987 at University College London. Keith went on to become a very successful practicing lawyer and maintained good relationships with his family and friends, or so it seemed, for quite some time.

By 2003, life had changed for Keith. He was struggling with his mental health, he felt confused, hopeless, and completely alone.  He was diagnosed with depression on March 7, 2003. The following Tuesday, his career was gone, and that evening he had a mental breakdown. In the span of 5 days, his life came undone. Not his best week.

His supportive community and many friends seemed to drop off as depression took over the life he once knew. For two years Keith was confined to his house only to leave for therapy once a week.

It took years of struggling to recover and to understand the stigma. Keith took solace in simple yet special moments that aided his recovery. Today with his combined professional and mental health experience and good health,  he has discovered a way to continue battling social stigma; sharing his story and inspiring others to overcome their struggles and find the joy in life to keep hoping and to keep living.

With more and more people losing their battles against depression, we need strong voices of recovery to inspire hope. Today, Keith is one of those voices. He stands before thousands of people at conferences, presentations, awareness campaigns, and fundraisers, succeeding over depression, to share his relevant and inspiring story.

Kim shares her personal story of being a high functioning business woman balancing a career and family while fighting (and hiding) major depression, anxiety and persistent suicidal thoughts. By sharing her story, she helps individuals find the courage, power and strength to accept and love who they are and rise above the fear, stigma and shame of mental illness and talk openly about it.  Kim fought her battle alone because she was afraid of stigma. Especially in the workplace. No one should suffer alone.

Findlay comes from the start up world where he has spent seven years doing digital marketing and community management.  He has a Bachelor of Commerce from St. Mary’s University. He has completed his Masters at SMU and now lectures there.  He also works for an international  web development and consulting firm.

Findlay struggled with depression and has seen the effect that it can have on those around him. With effort and commitment to doing things that matter to him, he is happy to have found a life worth living!

Amy is a working single mom, diagnosed with Depression in 2011.

During her initial battle with Depression, Amy found her home with the running community.  They provided support, comradery, and a place where she felt she belonged. This was true not only for the local community, but the online community as well. There was no judgement, as many of the people she met were fighting similar demons.  During an injury in early 2014, she decided to start sharing her struggle with not being able to run and how that was playing out not only physically but mentally was well.

When her daughter was diagnosed with Depression/Anxiety in late 2017, the desire to continue the conversation regarding mental illness and mental health grew even more.

Amy shares her journey on social media through her blog Screaming Into the Void, as well as through other social media channels such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.  She hopes that by keeping her journey available others will realize they are not alone. Getting the help you need does not make you weak, it shows how strong you are.


I am 23, from Ontario. I have been DJ’ing in Toronto and throughout Ontario since I was 18.

I joined Worth Living because I wanted to be able to share my mental health journey. I wanted to share to the public my struggle with mental illness and how I have found my life that is now worth living. I wanted to be able to raise awareness about mental health and end the stigma that is around mental illness. Knowing that I might help even just one person that may be struggling is a wonderful feeling.

I love being a Worth Living Ambassador because as the Official DJ for Worth Living, I get to bring people together with music and raise awareness at the same time. Music is something everyone can relate to. I’m a true believer that music can help people though the dark times and can be a major asset in the recovery process. Sometimes music can speak words and show emotions that we can’t always express on our own.

Being a member of the Worth Living Team is amazing. It’s great to know that there are other like- minded people that are willing to share their stories and support others. Together we all share a similar goal but we express and share our thoughts and emotions differently. Whether it be though music, writing for the blog, photos on social media, it’s a strong community that is growing each day.

Why not raise mental health awareness with some MUSIC! Check out  my Worth Living BPM Therapy Mixes Vol. 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

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