Dressing Up

Worth Living Ambassador Ruairi Mcenroe

My name is Ruairi Mcenroe, an ultra-runner from Ireland.

Dressing Up

I always dressed okay. I suppose it depends on your situation. When I went to school, we had a uniform in primary and secondary school. Over the last couple of years I have stepped up my game. I changed other areas in my life for the better so why not the way I dress? You can dress well in any situation and do so without standing out too much even if your workplace has a casual dress code. Here are my reasons and maybe you can consider asking yourself the same.
When you go for an interview, what is the first thing you think about? The answer is of course, your attire! What should I wear to make a good first impression? Wearing casual all the time can lead to a casual attitude and to be casual at your job. When you dress well, you mean business!

Here are reasons and tips:

• It lifts my mood, gives me confidence and sometimes changes my day for the better.
• Make sure that your clothes match your complexion. I’m Irish and have pale skin so would not do well wearing light colours so I often wear darker suits.
• It makes a good impression, always important for most things in life. Most people want to make a good impression.
• People notice you more, compliments are nice sometimes and you won’t get them wearing the same Star Wars t-shirt for three days in a row.
• I use fashion to express my mood, just like the music I listen to.
• It helps you engage your creative side when putting an outfit together and you can work with many options.
• I feel more productive in a nice pair of trousers than I would in a pair of running shorts or a tracksuit.
• Why should I save it for just special occasions? I want to feel good every day!
• It shows respect for yourself and for those who you meet on your day.
• It’s fun!

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