It’s Completely Acceptable to Stay Alive for the Little Things

Worth Living Ambassador Meiyi Wong

My name is Meiyi Kiyoko Angel Wong, “Mei” for short. I am a 22-year-old Asian-American woman living in Honolulu, HI. I am a survivor of trauma including child abuse, domestic violence, and rape, and I have been fighting several mental illnesses since I was 19. I struggle with depression, anxiety, complex PTSD (C-PTSD) and borderline personality disorder (BPD); I am also in recovery from an eating disorder. This May, I graduated from Honolulu Community College with my Associate Degree in Human Services. In the fall, I’ll be transferring to the Myron B. Thompson School of Social Work at the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa. My dream is to earn my Master’s in Social Work, specializing in mental health and trauma, so that I can manage and work with individuals living in group homes. I currently am employed as a Residential Assistant at Safe Haven, an agency which provides services for adults who are homeless and severely mentally ill. My life’s passion is helping people who are dealing with mental health, trauma, and recovery. In my spare time, I run an Instagram (@fightingformei) chronicling my personal journey; I also blog about my experiences at My mantra is “real, vulnerable, imperfect”; I want to inspire and empower others to be genuine on social media and in real life, to embrace their stories, and to live as beautifully flawed, unapologetic works in progress.

~”It’s Completely Acceptable to Stay Alive for the Little Things”

To bury yourself in a heap of laundry straight out of the dryer.

To eat fresh-baked restaurant bread so hot it stings your fingertips when you pull it apart, releasing a noiseless breath of steam.

To dive beneath the surface of a swimming pool and experience trillions of molecules of water rushing at once to embrace you, and just feel so alive in that moment.

To find out what happens to your favorite character on next week’s episode.

To wander through Bath and Body Works after September, sniffing candles scented pumpkin pie and apple spice.

To see that cute girl who works at the supermarket, then choosing exactly ten items or less so you qualify for her lane.
To scroll through funny GIFs until you find the PERFECT one for a friend.

To hear little kids burst into giggles whenever someone says “booty”.

To try a new shade of M.A.C. lipstick.

To be shown a photo of yourself, and not only be OK with it, but actually like it.

To open up a brand-new box of Crayolas.

To randomly discover a talent you never knew you had, whether that be origami, soothing crying babies, or hard-boiling eggs.

To finish something. Anything. A crossword puzzle. A blog post. A novel. The next level of Bubble Shooter where you’ll earn five gold coins.

To go to the Fourth of July sale at Macy’s.

To hear Christmas music on the radio.

To finally wear that outfit you bought a long time ago but always forget about.

To beam with surprise when the salesperson gives you a discount you weren’t expecting.

To hear the “ping” of an incoming text and have your heart flutter with excitement, wondering if it’s from that special someone.

To bite into a crisp, sweet piece of summer fruit and feel the juice trickle down your chin.

And many more…

~”It’s Completely Acceptable to Stay Alive for the Little Things”

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